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The British Historical Review
The British Undergraduate Historical Assocation is proud to run the UK's best undergraduate history journal, The British Historical Review!  The journal exists to give undergraduates a forum to publish their best work, be it in preparation for postgraduate study or something else! The Review is published online once each year, and features the very best of undergraduate historical research! See below for our first ever issue! 

We're looking for essays of 2500-500 words.   We accept papers on any topic for publication in our highly-competitive journal. So, whether you are a medievalist, early modernist, modernist, or whatever it may be, we want to receive your work! You may submit up to 2 essay articles for each issue.  If, however, students would like the chance for their paper to be presented at a conference (in addition to being published in the journal) in November 2017, the paper must be on the research theme of 'Britain and Foreign Policy' to correspond to the UK's triggering of Article 50 to leave the European Union. Papers on any era and on any aspect of foreign policy are acceptable. Of the 5 papers accepted for presentation at the conference, one will win a plaque for the first ever British Undergraduate Historical Association National History Prize.
Deadline: May 1st 2017 (Note: the deadline was previously set for April, but has been pushed back)

Due to formatting, we ask that you use the Oxford referencing system (as is standard in UK universities) and that the entirety of the article be in English (unless translation is given in a footnote). 

Currently, we are accepting submissions for our second issue of the Review. If you have any further questions, please do contact the editor. 

*The British Undergraduate Historical Assocation takes no responsibility for any property infringement contained within submissions - the review process exists to eliminate any plaigarism or poor sourcing, but it remains the submitter's responsibility to obtain all necessary permissions.*