British Undergraduate Historical Association

Promoting Undergraduate Historical Research 


Call to Committee

At the moment, the Association is being run by a small but hard-working committee - our current committee consists of:

Matthew Norris: President

I am studying for a BA (Joint Hons) in History and Philosophy at the University of Reading. My historical interest is primarily in the religious and social history of early modern Europe, with particular interest in the history of the family (including the unborn) and changes in religious sentiment.  I am currently working on a major project with Dr. Tony Moore, compiling data sets on Henry III of England's finances in, and I am undertaking a dissertation on religious perceptions of the five senses in early modern England under the supervision of Dr. Hannah Newton. After my degree, I hope to enrol in a MSt programme in Philosophical Theology, retaining both a historical and philosophical focus, before competing a PhD in either history or philosophy. 

Chloe Wilson: Vice-President

I am currently studying for an undergraduate BA History (Hons) degree at the University of Reading. My interests lie in gender history with specific focus on the Victorian era, though I also enjoy studying the lives of famous medieval and early modern women as well. Consistently I plan to embark upon postgraduate study in either Gender History or Women’s Studies after my undergraduate course with a potential career in academia. Linking to my historical interests I am also involved in modern day Feminism looking at current women’s social and political issues, which combined with my historical specialty, exposes an interesting insight into how women’s lives have changed over time.

Hannah Weaver: Administrator

I am an undergraduate History student at Royal Holloway, University of London. I am currently specialising in ancient history with a particular focus on art, architecture, and medicine. As a result of this specialism, I am also studying Latin and Ancient Greek to help me with research.  During my studies I have become increasingly interested in Gender history, both in an Ancient Greek and 18th century context. Comparing time periods to examine how the concept of gender has evolved over time and discovering links is what I find so fascinating, especially when examining popular culture and archaeological evidence. Subsequently, in the future I hope to complete a Masters and then PhD in either Classics or Gender History.

Chloe Lay: Treasurer

Currently I am studying BA History (Hons) at Royal Holloway, University of London. My primary interests lie in Medieval England and the 1066 conquest of England, understanding how England changed under William the Conquerors rule. My interests are not solely medieval, the Tudor monarchy and the inner workings of court life also interest me. These interests range from the political ideals being discussed behind the scenes along with the show being put on daily within the court. After the completion of my degree I would like to pursue a career in teaching, passing on knowledge to the next generation. 

Martha Ogo: General Committee Delegate

I am an undergraduate studying for a BA in History at the London School of Economics and Political Science. My academic interests lay in 20th century African history, more broadly in the decolonisation of the British Empire within the immediate context of the end of the second world war and in light of the emerging Cold War. I am concerned specifically with the history of the Nigerian Civil War as a case study in relation the Cold War and as a product of decolonisation. My historical interests are a result of my concern with present day economic practices and development policies in Africa.

Jess Porritt: General Committee Delegate

I am studying for a BA(Hons) in History at Royal Holloway University of London. My main area of historical interest is in the evolution of extreme politics in the interwar years and through events such as the French revolution. I am also interested in the history of political thought and the nature of historiography. When I finish my degree I would like to do an MA by research and examine the roots of extreme political philosophy and the conditions necessary for its rise to power. I would like to, one day, undertake a PhD which tackles the fundamental nature of historiography and questions the nature of objectivity within the discipline of history.